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admin   :  Hello dear all, Our website domain is now WWW.NAUKARSHAHI.IN after long time of waiting. we have now fix this domain name and this we will provide latest Job Information on this platform. we request you to share the useful website with all who is in search of a decent Job.
Admin   :  Please discuss marks details to reach out for expected cut off.
commented on DSSSBTGTCS91/20 on  2021-08-13 08:10:21
RajaN Kumar sah   :  B.a faunal computer
admin   :  Share suitable jobs information with your friends. thanks
admin   :  UPSC civil service notification is about to release.
commented on IATGC1332021 on  2021-03-01 10:09:59
admin   :  @sushma kumari: thanks for writing us. we wish you good luck for your bright future. Nokarshahi always provide all job information on time. We suggest you to keep update with suitable job. You can only find a job if your follow these 3 steps: RIGHT TIME. RIGHT INFORMATION. RIGHT OPPORTUNITY.
Sushma kumari .   :  Sir mujhe ek sarkari nokari chahiye .sir mai asnatak pas hun mai up ki rahne vali hun Mera gav semaradih mudiyar phulpur azamgrah Hai.
Neelam paroha   :  Good
commented on SSCMTS2021 on  2021-02-08 10:39:16
admin   :  Thanks for the support. We are working hard to give you a better experience in your search for a suitable Govt. job. Share relevant jobs with your friends and family.
Arnav   :  thanks for the timely update. it really helps me a lot.
TONI   :  this is really a good platform where every student can find timely information. thanks sir.
Devi saran   :  Where can we find complete slybus and study material for this exam? Anyone please suggest.
commented on MPPSC02019 on  2021-01-05 04:38:44
Mahesh Mali   :  Very nice efforts. Thank you boss.
Tannu kumari   :  Right
commented on MPPEBCONSTABLE on  2020-12-30 08:39:33
Rishab kumar   :  Sir, exam ki preparations ke liye best coaching online konsi h. Time waste na ho jisme.
commented on SSCCGL2020 on  2020-12-30 07:00:05
Jay pandey   :  Nyc
commented on MPPEBCONSTABLE on  2020-12-28 15:51:32
Dheeraj   :  I was waiting for this notification since long. I had good practice time in this lockdown period. Is anyone also here for same exam preparation?
commented on COASTGUARDAC2020 on  2020-12-15 17:06:39
Sonu   :  Nice app
Ajay   :  Thanks
Rocky   :  UP B.ED ki second year ki fee kaise pay krenge. Koi link h kya
Aamir Quraishi   :  Why this exam(up TGT & PGT) got cancelled. Any idea?
commented on UPTGT02020 on  2020-11-25 06:44:12
Routela   :  I find good information here. I recommended this platform with all my students.
Jai Singh Chauhan   :  Really nice efforts
KURUVA RANGASWAMY   :  Iam interested in this field
commented on BUHDDJER2020 on  2020-11-18 09:33:10
Margarito Orlando   :  Competition not playing the game fair and square? Now you can fight back. Negative SEO, to make ranks go down:
commented on BPSSSC2019 on  2020-11-13 04:54:03
ASHWANI KUMAR   :  very help ful website thank you sir for update latest job.
commented on SSCCHSL020 on  2020-11-12 10:50:44
Nokarshahi   :  @poonam: please check now. & Thanks for comment!👍
commented on UPVPRO2020 on  2020-10-12 17:26:55
Nokarshahi   :  @poonam: please check now. & Thanks for comment!👍
commented on UPVPRO2020 on  2020-10-12 17:26:22
Poonam   :  Notification open nhi ho rha h.
commented on UPVPRO2020 on  2020-10-12 17:25:29   :  @mukesh: we are continuously updating every update regarding the exam. Once it will be notified we will update it here. Visit regularly. Also we will update you on your email which you have provided here. Thanks for comment !
commented on IPGDSHP320 on  2020-10-09 16:46:55
mukesh Kothari   :  Sir when will be the exam held?
commented on IPGDSHP320 on  2020-10-09 16:42:54
User abc   :  Please provide video for preparation of this exam.
commented on UPSCST2020 on  2020-10-08 18:32:03
Yogesh Kumar Yadav   :  SSC Post this job for Delhi Police Constable
commented on SSC0DPCT20 on  2020-08-02 12:11:15
Ajit   :  Thanks
commented on CGPSCJ2020 on  2020-02-23 17:41:25
amit tenguria   :  please clear , can an officer from CAPF apply for the post of Manager (Security) Scale II ?
commented on INDBNKSO20 on  2020-01-24 07:06:35
admin   :  thanks for comment ! raghav. please share with others
commented on UPNHM02020 on  2020-01-24 05:33:31
RAGHAV   :  i appreciate this website. thank you
commented on UPNHM02020 on  2020-01-24 05:28:57
rizwaan kureshi   :  exam and syllabus for IT consultant? please send me on e-mail.
ankit tiwari   :  last date extend hone ke chance hain kya sir? please reply
vikas yadav   :  thank you
ajay   :  i also had my typing test . 2143 strokes but some mistakes also. hope for the best.
commented on DDCVER2019 on  2020-01-22 15:23:01
Suhani   :  aaj mera exam tha typing ka .total strokes -2200. What are the chances. please share your comments.
commented on DDCVER2019 on  2020-01-21 11:48:43
harish sekhawat   :  please exam ki date bhi jaldi update karen. agar kisi ko pta chale to please reply kren.
commented on RSMSSBPT20 on  2020-01-20 17:10:16
harish sekhawat   :  please exam ki date bhi jaldi update karen. agar kisi ko pta chale to please reply kren.
commented on RSMSSBPT20 on  2020-01-20 17:10:06
Admin   :  @rohit: sure will will notify you on your email. Please write us on
commented on IBPSPO2019 on  
Rohit   :  Can anyone tell me when the next exam notification will come out?
commented on IBPSPO2019 on  
vijendra   :  thanks for update
commented on DSSSBPGT20 on   :  thanks for first comment. be updated with for complete updates of this job. we will notifiy when a new update come.
commented on DSSSBPGT20 on  
Àarti   :  I was waiting for this job since long time. Thanks you sir.
commented on DSSSBTGT20 on  
vaibhav   :  thank you sir. i have downloaded my admit card.
commented on DSSSBFO019 on  
admin   :  @vaibhav : best of luck
commented on DSSSBFO019 on  
Shivam Meena   :  Sayllari kya hogi
commented on NPCIL00019 on  
mansi   :  Thanks for updation
commented on DRDOCEPTAM on  
admin   :  @mansi : keep visiting and sharing please.
commented on DRDOCEPTAM on  
Vaibhav kushwaha   : 
commented on UPSCNDA120 on  
Vaibhav kushwaha   : 
commented on UPSCNDA120 on  
Kuldeep yadav   :  01.01.94 dob hai me apply kr skta, hu kya
commented on AFCAT02019 on  
SHIV shankar yada v   : 
commented on AFCAT02019 on  
ajay pal singh   :  sir,, pharmacist ke liye vacancy kitni hain.?
commented on DSSSB02020 on  
admin   :  there are 15 total vacancies available for pharmacist post.
commented on DSSSB02020 on  
renuka Choudhary   :  please previous year paper bhi arrange karen
commented on MPHCLCLK19 on  

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